Why Is My Belly Button Popping Out During Pregnancy?

While it might seem (and look) weird, it’s totally normal for you to experience your belly button popping out during pregnancy, it’s just one of the many changes that your body will go through.

Belly Button Popping Out During Pregnancy? Here's Why

What Causes It?

The main cause of your innie suddenly becoming an outie is down to your uterus which presses and puts pressure on the rest of your abdomen, causing the belly button to be pushed out when you’re pregnant.

According to a Mumsnet post, your belly button will normally start popping out anywhere from the 2nd trimester onward.

Will It Go Back To Normal?

The good news is that after you’ve given birth to your little one, your belly button will go back to normal.

My Belly Button Is Rubbing, What Can I Do?

In some instances, your new outie can rub against your clothing causing it to become red and tender. Your best bet is stretchy maternity pants which are designed with your new shaped body in mind. Try to avoid tight-fitting clothing that might make it worse, instead, opt for loose fitting shirts that won’t leave you chaffed.

Could It Be A Sign of Something Else?

While it’s usually perfectly normal for your belly button to stick out, in some cases it can be a sign of something else. If your belly button protrudes an excessive amount it can be considered an umbilical hernia.

Thankfully, 9 times out of 10, your doctor will be able to gently manoeuvre this back into position, however, in some very rare instances, momma might require surgery to repair it.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, if you’re wondering why is my belly button popping out during pregnancy, now you know. It’s perfectly normal and once you’ve delivered, it should go right back in.