The Best Baby Monitor for Twins – 5 of Top Choices For Parents

In this post we take a look at 5 contendors for the title of Best Baby Monitor For Twins. We also look at some of the great FREE...

The Best Baby Monitor for Twins – 5 of Top Choices For Parents
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A good baby monitor designed to keep an eye on twins can make life sooo much easier as with one monitor and two cameras, you can switch from room to room or from angle to angle and see what your little ones are doing.

In this guide, we take a look at 5 of the best baby monitor for twins on the market today along with telling you exactly what you need to look for.

Let’s get started!

which is the best baby monitor for twins? We find out

What To Look For In A Baby Monitor When You Have Twins

In this section of the guide, we take a look at the key things that you need to look for when shopping for best perfect baby monitor for twins.


Okay, let’s start with the most important part of any setup – the cameras.

The first and most obvious thing to look for (and what all the best baby monitor for twins feature) is a system that comes with two cameras or at the very least, allows you to buy additional cameras to add to the setup.

This can be particularly useful if you plan to have the twins share the same room for a few months before separating them into their own spaces.

Next up is video feed quality.

While cameras with a 4k resolution are available, they can be expensive, and considering the size of the display unit, can be complete overkill!

There are also cameras available that that can record but again, these are above and beyond the needs of most parents.

Finally, we’re big fans of night vision modes.

Being able to watch your little ones as they sleep means fewer trips into their room to check on them which means that you’re less likely to disturb them as they sleep.

Monitor Units

You can have the best baby monitor for twins camer setup in the world but if the monitor screen in grainy and difficult to see then it’s no good to anyone.

So what makes a good monitor screen?

Well first up you need a monitor that either comes with two screens or that will allow you to switch between the different camera units.

Next, you’re probably going to want to pick something up that has a good display. It’s amazing what piece of mind a crystal clear picture can give you.

This is particularly important if your camera is in night vision mode when you’ll want to see at a glance what your little ones are up to.

Finally, you want to consider monitor mobility.

The ideal monitor will plug-in to an AC power base or lead and have a in-built battery’s so you can take the monitor with you when you’re away from the AC power.

Extra Features

It seems that there is an almost endless possibility to the number of extra features that monitors can come with. Most are nice to have rather than essential so it’s up to you whether or not they’re worth the extra money.

Some of these extra features include:

Our 5 Best Baby Monitor For Twins

We spent 13 hours testing these devices and reading other reviews online to come up with the suggestions below.

1. AXVUE E662 Video Monitor

AXVUE E662 Video Monitor

For those looking for the very best baby monitor for twins then you’ll want to take a better look at the AXVUE E662 Video Monitor.

Out of the box, this kit contains everything you’ll need to setup the cameras to keep an eye on both of your little darlings.


So what does the feature list look like?

Overview dealt with, let’s take a better look at the AXVUE E662 Video Monitor.


We really like the AXVUE E662 camera unit.

With a 360 degree rotation and the ability to tilt it forward or backwards, it was relativley easy to point the camera in the right direction to let us see what baby was doing at any given time.

The transmitted picture quality is extremely clear even in night vision mode.

Temperature readings seem to be very accurate

If we did have one gripe about the camera, it would be the narrow lens. The AXVUE E662 Video Monitor lens could certainly benefit from being just that little bit wider, giving you a full picture of what’s going on.

That said, the AXVUE E662 camera is still fantastic value.

Monitor Unit

Many other reviewers have commented on just how easy the AXVUE E662 Video Monitor is to use and has a similar interface as many of the Motorola units.

One slightly annoying feature is that the screen will shut off after 5 minutes to conserve power of non-use and while the audio will be constant, the screen doesn’t turn back on if there is sudden spikes or movement.

Speaking of battery life, the excellent in comparison to other monitors on the list and gives you around 52 minutes of video when not connected to a power supply.

2. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

For those parents looking for a baby monitor that offers all the features of bigger brand products without the price tag then you’ll certainly want to consider the Babysense Video Baby Monitor.

Feature-wise, this monitor has everything that you could possibly need to keep an eye on your little darlings.

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor includes:

So as you can see, you get quite a lot of tech for your money.

So what’s it like to live with the Babysense Video Baby Monitor?


The main reason that the Babysense Video Baby Monitor features on our best baby monitor for twins list is because of the amazing camera.

The picture quality is excellent during the day and once the curtains are pulled, the night vision visibility is equally as good.

The microphone input and output are clear making it easy to hear exactly what baby is saying and talk back.

Monitor Unit

The monitor unit of the Babysense Video Baby Monitor is no slouch, allowing you to flip between cameras at the press of a button or set it up to auto-flip between screens.

While you can’t pan the camera physically from the device, it does allow you to do this digitally along with being able to zoom in.

The real party piece for the Babysense Video Monitor is the range. The camera and monitor are able to work up to 900 feet apart which should make it suitable to 99% of people.

If we did have a negative it would have to be with how the monitor performs when the device is on charge. It seems that it isn’t possible to view the camera feeds when the monitor is on charge.

3. VTech VM3251

VTech VM3251

The VTech VM3252 is an extremely capable choice for those looking for a video monitor system for twins.

While this is certainly one of the more premium products on our list, it does come packed with some fantastic features.

These include:

In addition to all of this, the VTech VM3252 also offers 6-level sound indicator.


As you’d expect from a premium product like the VTech VM3252, the picture quality is outstanding, delivering bright, clear images to the LCD display unit both during the day and at night when the camera automatically switches over to night vision mode.


The sound output from the display unit is really clear (as you’d expect from VTech), there seems to be no issue in hearing exactly what your babies are saying. The same can be said of the microphone which means you can also be heard clearly at the other end.

4. TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor TC350

Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling

We were a little surprised with the TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor TC350.

It’s been one of those products to quietly gain popularity not through a slick marketing campaign but just by the very fact that it’s a good product.

The first thing that you notice is that the screen is huge! It’s almost an inch bigger than most the others on our list.

In the case of the TimeFlys Video Baby Monitor TC350, bigger is also better!

The picture quality is excellent with both night vision and regular views sending back crystal clear images to the base unit.

It also remarkably simple to operate with all the controls and buttons easily reached.

5. MoonyBaby 4.3 inches LCD Video Baby Monitor

Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling

Just like the TimeFlys TC350, this video monitor from MoonyBaby is another one of those fantastic products that has gained popularity simply through being a brilliant product to use.

The monitor is large and clear and the range is excellent.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, 5 of the top contenders for the title of best baby monitor for twins. No matter which of the products above you pick you’ll sleep a little better knowing baby is just a glance of the monitor away.

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