The Best Postpartum Girdle: Top 5 We Love

In this post we take a look at the best postpartum girdle choices that are on the market today. Plus we're going to give some some ways to get FREE...

The Best Postpartum Girdle: Top 5 We Love
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The Best Postpartum Girdle: Top 5 We Love

Your baby couldn’t be any more perfect. Your postpartum body, though…well, let’s just say it could use some work.

So you exercise and diet to get back into your clothes.

That could take months. Why not get a little help with getting your belly back into your tops and jeans?

The best postpartum girdle can help to put things back in place (and hold them there) while you work or shop. It will help you to feel confident again while you take the baby out to show him off to the world.

A little confidence-booster is a great thing!

The Best Postpartum Girdle: 5 Top Choices Reviewed

1. Squeem ‘Perfect Waist’

squeem perfect waist

Flexible and supportive, the Squeem Perfect Waist girdle has anti-roll internal supports that keep it in place. The design is made to enhance curves and subtly lift the breast. An easy hook-front closure makes wearing the Squeem a breeze.


Comfort- The Squeem is lightweight and doesn’t make you sweat in warmer climates. The support feels great on the spine. It’s comfortable even when sitting through a two-hour movie.

Posture – The back is firmly supported with this girdle. The Squeem gently puts your spine into the proper posture position. You will notice that you carry yourself taller, even when you take it off.

Laundering – This garment washes well. It doesn’t not lose it’s support or stretch.


Fit – Customers have a hard time getting the correct fit with the Squeem girdle sizing chart.

2. 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Three strong adjustable belts in the waist/pelvis/belly areas keep you tucked in tight. Three separate belts allow women to use different belts during the stages of recovery separately or together. The material is breathable and comfortable.


Fit – The adjustable velcro elastic belts are so easy to wear. Simply tighten or loosen the belt. You don’t have to take off the other belts just to adjust one area.

Comfort – This girdle is lightweight and breathable. The fishbone spine support improves posture. It’s very stretchy but still gives great support.

Performance – The 3 in 1 Postpartum Support does work. It smooths belly bulges without pain. It supports the abdomen and pelvis, promoting healing after birth.


Bulky – This girdle is very bulky when wearing all three belts together.

3. Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle

Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle

The Trendyline is a wrap-style girdle with three different velco supports. Two support bars in the back help to keep the girdle from riding up or rolling. It is lightweight, stretchy and comfortable and will fit just about any woman.


Fit – This girdle adjusts from both the front and the back, allowing for a really tight fit.

Comfort – The Trendyline helps ease the pain of c-section incisions. The back support feels wonderful.

Function – The girdle helps to rid the body of swelling from c-sections and abdominal surgeries. It smooths the bulges and improves posture, too.


Velcro – The Velcro on this wrap will loosen up after being used for a few months.

Sizing – This product runs small, causing many users to return the product for a larger size.

4. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle

The pull-up Bellefit girdle is perfect for postpartum support. There are no zippers or hooks to this girdle. This makes it extremely comfortable and easy to put on. A reinforced abdominal panel keeps the belly pulled in without pinching it. An easy-access groin flap allows users to urinate or change pads without taking the whole girdle off.


Convenience – This girdle is probably the easiest type of girdle to wear. Pull it on just like underwear. The crotch flap makes it easy to go to the restroom.

Comfort – The Bellefit is made of microporous material which prevents heat rash and sweating. Stretch panels are sewn in to provide support without discomfort. There are no zippers or hooks to pinch or gouge your tender belly.

Confidence – This girdle gives a smooth silhouette, boosting your confidence after pregnancy.


Bulge – The girdle causes noticeable back bulges.

5. Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Postpartum Girdle

Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Postpartum Girdle

The inner layer of this girdle is soft and comfortable while the outer mesh provides the support. The compression panel on the abdomen and waist area provides just the right amount of control. Butt pockets are sewn in and make your butt look firmer and rounder. An open crotch allows urination without garment removal. Thin removable straps keep your girdle in place. They can be removed if you need an invisible look.


Compression – This garment offers great all-over compression. Bulges will disappear ad belly pooches will be less noticeable.

Quality – This product holds up well after hand-washing and air drying. The material stays stretchy to provide compression.

Appearance – This girdle makes your butt look fantastic, which is a confidence-booster after giving birth. It smooths and shapes the waist and abdomen nicely.


Lace – The lace on the legs rolls up and is uncomfortable. The lace does not go down far enough on thighs. This is especially hard on women who have larger or flabby thighs.


Have questions about postpartum girdles? We’ve used the section below to answer as many of your questions as we can so you can buy knowing it’s right for you.

What is a Postpartum Girdle?

After giving birth, whether a natural birth or by a C-section, most women are left with a little belly bulge, soreness and back pain. Exercise and diet will help…eventually. While you wait, a girdle will pull everything back in. It will also give your tummy some support so that swelling leaves faster and incisions heal more quickly.

What are the Benefits?

A girdle can serve many purposes postpartum. The compression allows swelling to leave faster. The stretch will bring bulges under control, giving new mothers a smoother silhouette. Organ will be held in place. The back gains some much-needed support with a good girdle. Lastly, girdles will boost confidence that can be dragging after having a baby.

When Can I Start Wearing a Postpartum Girdle?

Most women can wear a girdle the day after giving birth. Several girdles are made to ‘graduate’ with the postpartum phases. They will add support and get tighter in the months following birth. Some can be worn long past the time of child birth, just because they feel so good.

How Long Can You Wear a Postpartum Girdle?

A postpartum girdle can be worn as long as you like. The months after birth are the most critical to reduce swelling and get the abdomen back in shape. However, lots of women keep wearing the girdle long after child-birth because it feels good. Girdles add spine support, which makes a person’s posture better. They also smooth and flatter the body.

Different Types of Girdles

There are four different types of girdles. The best postpartum girdle is the one you love. Being adjustable, adding compression and lifting the butt are just a few reasons for women to pick their girdles. You will have your own reasons and your own favorites. Some women will decide to use multiple styles during the months after birth.
A wrap style may work perfectly immediately after birth, while a pull-up style will give continued support in the years following birth.

Zipper Style

A zipper girdle is one that zips shut and is pulled on like underwear. The zipper will usually be in the middle or on the side of the garment. Zippers can be a struggle to work with if the garment is tight-fitting (as girdles are supposed to be!) However, these girdles retain their stretch and compression better than most, making them cost-efficient. Women learn to lay on the bed while trying to zip the garment. Just be careful since the zipper could be caught on your skin while you try to squish the belly in and zip it up. This is very painful!

Corset Style

A corset-style girdle is put on around the back. It is not pulled on like panties. With a corset-style, hook closures or a zipper are located on the front to secure the garment. It will commonly have interior supports on the back and sides. It may contain elastic panels in the back for extra support. The hooks are kind of tricky to work immediately after birth. However, your muscles will soon start to tone up, making the hooking easier. Since the hooks are on the front, you can see exactly what you are doing.

Pull-up Style

Pull-up girdles are by far the easiest to put on. Simply slide them over your hips like you would a pair of panties. These girdles feel the most like regular underwear. They are easy to wear and comfortable. Some women choose to use these long after the baby is born.

Wrap Style

A wrap style girdle is one that wraps around the body. Usually, Velcro is used to cinch it tightly. Sometimes there are multiple Velcro closures that allow you to adjust the girdle to your perfect fit. The big downfall to this design is that the Velcro will lose its hold after a few months, effectively making the girdle useless.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, our guide on how to find the best postpartum girdle for you and hopefully we’ve answered one or two of your questions along the way.

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