5 of The Best Ring Slings for You and Baby

A ring sling is a fantastic tool to keep baby close while allowing you to use both hands. In this guide, we take a look at the 5 best baby slings. Read Now!

5 of The Best Ring Slings for You and Baby
By Ellen Fetters •  Updated: 06/12/19 •  8 min read

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When you’ve got chores to do and errands to run but nobody to look after the baby, a ring sling is an absolute necessity! Not only does a ring sling allow you to comfortably carry little one around with you while you do the chores, they’re also a godsend for breastfeeding mommas.

In this guide we take a look at 5 of the best ring slings for you and baby.

5 of The Best Ring Slings for You and Baby

What Is A Ring Sling?

A Ring sling is incredibly simple way to carry a baby and have been used for hundreds of years. Worn over the shoulder so baby sits comfortably across your chest, the sling is made up of a single sheet of fabric and two rings. The material is looped through the rings and creates a secure carrier for little one to sit in.

What we really like about ring slings is that they are fantastic for promoting natural bonding with baby.

As ring slings are so simple, they come in a range of fabric choices and patterns which makes them an ideal choice for those mommas who have babies sensitive to different fabrics.

Again, as the majority of slings are made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk or wool they are each to wash and can be dried on the washing line.

A ring sling is ideally suited for babies but they can be used for toddlers too.

Why Us A Ring Sling?

There are many benefits to wearing a ring sling, including:

What’s The Difference Between A Ring Sling And A Baby Wrap?

Baby wraps and ring slings are very similar, however, the main advantage of a ring sling over a wrap is that they are far easier to use as they don’t require any complicated wrapping and tying patterns.

However, many mothers do prefer to use a baby wrap with their little one as the offer more support as the weight is distributed across both shoulders and around your waist. So our advice is that if you just want to carry baby around for short periods of time then go with a ring sling, however, if you need to carry baby for longer periods of time then your defenatley going to want to go with a wrap.

Do You Need A Ring Sling?

With an endless list of baby carrying methods available, you may be asking yourself “do I need a ring sling?”. If you want to keep baby close while you potter around the house or just run a few errands without having to watch endless YouTube videos on how to tie a baby wrap then a ring sling is for you. That said, if you’re looking to carry baby for a little longer then you’ll want to consider a wrap, baby wearing shirt or a soft carrier.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Ring Slings

We spent 8.1 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, these are the 5 best ring slings as voted for by real mommas.

1. Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling

Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling

For those parents looking for a ring sling that’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear then the Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling is our top choice.

Before we dive into the practicallites, we’ve first got to mention the design of the sling which is gorgeous. Many owners have commented that they constantly recieve compliments when they’re out wearing the Pura Vida Sling.

As the name suggests, the sling is made from a combination of linen and bamboo which makes the sling very breathable, helping keep both you and little one at the right temperature.

The Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling has been approved by the CPSC with a Children’s Product Certificate making it one of the best choices for those looking for a secure carrier.

Keep In Mind

All this quality does come at a cost. The Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling is a little more expensive that other options. That said, this is one instance where you really do get a quality product for your money.

What Real Mommas Are Saying

The Pura Vida Bamboo & Linen Sling comes highly recommended by real mommas. The sling is easy to put on and is extremely comfortable to wear around the house.

What many owners seem to really like is just how breathable the materials are with the sling performing well even in dry desert heat.

For first time ring sling users, Pura Vida have a fantastic YouTube channel which has proven to be a big hit.


2. Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

Real care and attention to detail goes into the production of every Hip Baby Wrap Sling. What we particularly like is the use of solid aluminium rings which helps create a secure fit.

The sling is impressively Eco-friendly, with each product being individually handwoven and uses no-toxic dyes.

Keep In Mind

Some owners have mentioned that they did have to wash the sling before use to soften the fabric up.

What Real Mommas Are Saying

The colors are amazing and the quality is second to none. Putting the sling on, you can instantly tell the quality of the product with the sling being extremely comfortable to wear with the cotton being ideal for skin to skin contact with newborns.


3. Lite-on-Shoulder Ring Carrier

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling

One thing that we really like about the Lite-on-Shoulder Ring Carrier (and the main selling point) is lightly padded shoulder support which make it a great choice for those seeking a carrier that can be worn for slightly longer than a normal ring sling. The extra padding also makes for more comfortable positioning for baby.

What we really like about the Lite-on-Shoulder Ring Carrier is that it can be configured into a number of different positions.

Keep In Mind

As with most ring slings, a few owners have commented that it was initially difficult to get baby into the right position but this can be fixed by watching a few YouTube videos.

What Real Mommas Are Saying

Very nice design with a huge range of material prints available.

Fantastic fit.

The Lite-on-Shoulder Ring Carrier provides a fantastic fit, even for plus sized mommas.


4. Vlokup Ring Sling

Vlokup Ring Sling

Made in the USA, the Vlokup Ring Sling has a superior ergonomic design that features lightly padded shoulders that helps to distribute weight across the upper back and shoulders helping to reduce neck pain.

The 100% cotton fabric feels comfortable when worn and is extremely breathable and lightweight. Baby will feel secure when in the Vlokup sling and the sling itself meets CPSC/CPSIA safety requirements.

Keep In Mind

This probably isn’t the best choice for plus size mommas or dads as there isn’t as much material as other options on our list.

The fabric isn’t the most comfortable, with many owners commenting how stiff the linen feels.

What Real Mommas Are Saying

Despite the concerns over the quality of the cotton, many owners have commented that the second baby got comfortable they fell asleep thanks for the cozy and comfortable carry the Vlokup Ring Sling provides.

However, as mentioned above, some product owners have noticed that the material can bunch after wearing for a while.


5. Lillebaby Ring Sling

Vlokup Ring Sling

If you’re looking for a baby ring sling that offers, form, function and stands out from the crowd then you’ll certainly want to take a better look at the Lillebaby ring sling.

We LOVE the look of the Lillebaby sling! Not only are the choice of fabrics fantastic, the gold rings are gorgeous.

The Lillebaby is a truly premium product, made from high quality natural linen, this is a sling that’s extremely breathable, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

What we particularly like is removable zipper pouch letting you carry a few essential items with you.

Keep In Mind

While the zippable pocket is an excellent feature, just keep in mind that you’ll only be able to pack your phone, keys and card into it.

What Real Mommas Are Saying

After having worn the sling for extended periods of time, many product owners found that the sling was comfortable and didn’t cause any neck or back pain.

As with any of the slings on our list, there’s a learning curve that takes some getting use to.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a versatile method for carrying your little one while you potter on with the housework then you’re certainly going to want to consider a ring sling. However, if you’re looking to carry baby for extended periods of time then a baby wrap or soft carrier might be a much better option as it distributes the weight more evenly, making them more comfortable.

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