Can I Eat Mayonnaise Whilst Pregnant? Is It Safe?

Found yourself asking "can I eat mayonnaise whilst pregnant?" then this post is for YOU - we take a look at if it's safe and what you should avoid!

Can I Eat Mayonnaise Whilst Pregnant? Is It Safe?
By Ellen Fetters •  Updated: 14/06/22 •  4 min read

There’s no escaping mayonnaise, it’s seemingly in every sandwich and salad these days which means it’s completely understandable to be concerned and wondering “can I eat mayonnaise whilst pregnant”?

In this post, we going to find out if mayonnaise is safe to eat while pregnant, which types are okay to eat before looking at some considerations should you choose to eat mayo.

Let’s get started.

can I eat mayonnaise whilst pregnant?

Can I Eat Mayonnaise Whilst Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Eat Mayonnaise While Pregnant? Pregnant women should avoid eating mayonnaise that contains raw, unpasteurized eggs (such as homemade). Almost all store-bought mayonnaises, on the other hand is pasteurised which makes it safe to eat during pregnancy..

Which Brands Are Safe To Eat?

In the United States and the United Kingdom, commercially produced mayonnaise is always pasteurised. On their website, the FDA confirms that all store-bought mayonnaise is pasteurised. This includes any popular brand that you're likely to see in grocery stores, supermarkets, and so on.

Our List of Pregnancy Safe Mayonnaise Brands

Remember, if you’re in any doubt about whether the mayonnaise is safe to eat, always ask if the mayonnaise is pasteurised, which it almost always is at these types of restaurants because the mayonnaise is made in a central factory or production plant rather than in-house.

Keep in mind that independent restaurants, whether fine dining, home cooking, or similar, may make their own mayonnaise, which may be unsafe to consume during pregnancy. Always inquire first because each establishment is unique.

Once opened, store-bought mayonnaise should be refrigerated and consumed before the "use by" date.

What Kind of Mayonnaise is Unsafe for Pregnant Women To Eat?

Because of the possibility of salmonella contamination, mayonnaise should be avoided during pregnancy if it is prepared with unpasteurised eggs. As a result, mayonnaise made at home should be avoided by women who are pregnant because it is typically prepared with raw eggs or egg yolks.

Is Eggless Mayonnaise Safe in Pregnancy?

The majority of eggless mayonnaise brands are safe to consume while pregnant. Any vegan mayonnaise will not contain eggs and is usually suitable for pregnant women. Eggless mayonnaise contains a variety of ingredients, but the most common are oil, spices, and milk or milk powder if it is eggless but not vegan.

If you want to eat eggless mayonnaise, check the ingredients and read the label (or ask how it's made) because recipes vary.

Are Salads Containing Mayonnaise (e.g. Tuna) Safe in Pregnancy?

Again, so long as the mayonnaise has been made with pasturized ingredients then it’s perfectly safe to eat in salads.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the other ingredients in the salad are safe to eat.

Coleslaw and potato salad should be avoided because they are prime examples of when this could be an issue. More information can be found here. To be extra cautious, make your own salads and use commercial mayonnaise.

Nutritional Considerations of Mayonnaise in Pregnancy

Although mayonnaise is a pleasant condiment that can liven up vegetables and salads during pregnancy, it should be used sparingly because it is heavy in fat and often high in salt/sodium.

The benefits of the trace amounts of vitamins or micronutrients it contains (such as vitamin A) are exceeded by the fat level. If you must consume mayonnaise while pregnant, attempt to limit the amount or make smaller amounts go further.

The Bottom Line

Can I eat mayonnaise whilst pregnant? Absolutely, so long as the pasteurized eggs then it’s safe to eat.

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