Puj Tub Review: 8 Reasons To/Not Buy

In this Puj Tub we review, we take a look at this hand little bath time gadget and see if it's any good in the real world where bath time ins't always easy!

Puj Tub Review: 8 Reasons To/Not Buy
By Ellen Fetters •  Updated: 14/05/19 •  4 min read

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Our Puj Tub Review

Not all newborns are natural water babies.

For some, being immersed in water can be a terrifying experience resulting in tears and tantrums (for both baby and parent).

This is where the comes in!

The Puj Tub sits in your sink and provides excellent support for baby while you wash them.

Puj Tub Overview

There’s a lot to like about the Puj Tub. It’s a flat, teardrop shaped insert that’s made from soft, flexible non-slip foam that creates a body hugging seat when inserted into the skin.

Where the Puj Tub really excels is on how well it moulds to baby’s body helping them relax and feel secure.

The insert fits into almost all bathroom and kitchen sinks an is secured in place with strong magnets.

The Puj Tub is PVC and BPA free and just an inch thick when unfolded meaning storage is simple once you’ve finished using the insert.

What We Like

If you’ve ever tried to bath a newborn in a sink, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that it’s traumatic!

The first time we ever tried to bath our eldest in a sink, he screamed and splashed and left us wondering if babies really need bathing (this is a joke, they do).The

Not only does water go everywhere, but your baby feels like they’re suddenly coated in grease and you have to constantly have at least one hand on them.

It’s tough!

The Puj Tub takes all this hassle away. Not only is baby held secure but it gives you the ability to use your hands for more than just holding baby securer.

Unlike standard baby baths, the Puj Tub is easy to store, taking up very little space and is extremely quick to use and then unfold after user.

As we mentioned above, the PVC and BPA free foam is very comfortable for baby and doesn’t slip at all when wet.

What We Don’t Like

The majority of our criticism below is more to do with the lifespan of the product rather than the product itself.

Firstly, the Puj Tub is marketed as suitable for up to 17lb/7.7kg but even at 12lbs, the Pub Tub is now too small for my baby

Our second concern is with the design (or possibly the design of my sink). The overflow holes in the Pub Tub are higher than the overflow holes in my sink which means that the water spills out from the sink and onto my bathroom floor.

We have a deeper kitchen sink and this wasn’t a problem.

The final fault is with the fact that once baby gets to a certain size, the Pub Tub puts them very close to taps! As baby’s hands start to explore, there’s a risk that they grab a hot tap.

Who is the Puj Tub Best For?

Without a doubt, this is the perfect product for any parent with a newborn delivered by c-section.

Parenting Click Puj Tub Review – Verdict

During our review of the Puj Tub, we found that there’s a lot to like.

The build quality is fantastic, it’s extremely innovative and very quick to use.

For mothers who’ve had a cesarean this really is a lifesaving product!

That said, by the time you’re back to full health, your little one will have almost outgrown the Puj Tub so you’ll want to start considering other options.

Product Details

ModelPuj Tub
Suitable For Up to 17lb/7.7kg


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